Code Composer Studio : Grace !!!


I recently learned about this wonderful graphical user interface(GUI) called Grace which is a part of the Code Composer Studio by Texas Instruments. I must tell you that the interface is simply amazing. I mean you can initialize all the peripherals, interrupt subroutines, interrupt handling, etc using this interface. I tried this 1 sec delay program using grace and was amazed at the fact that TI has literally make it a cake walk for programmers to initialize all peripherals and interrupts in c language. I like writing code in assembly language and for that matter even in c, but as you would come to know while programming in c you need to use some explicit functions defined by the compiler to write the various interrupt subroutines. So if you want to focus on whether your concept is correct or not and want to do testing then grace is a blessing for you. Once you know that your code is working using grace, you can anytime write the assembly language program( initializing all the peripherals using their command registers, handle the interrupt vector addresses and so on).

I’ll be covering how to make a project using grace in CCS very soon.


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