My name is Manpreet Singh Minhas. I am a student pursuing electronics and telecommunication. My experiences have taught me that you cannot understand a concept fully unless you implement it practically. And just implementing the concept is not enough, one needs to understand the scope and applications of the concepts. Since I love micro-controllers and electronics I’ve started this blog.

This is a blog about my journey with micro-controllers and electronics. I’ve worked on quite a few controllers till now like msp430,8051,PIC,arduino,atmel avr and atmega.

As I mentioned earlier I am pursuing electronics and telecommunication. During the first 18 months I did not make much practical projects. But then once I came across micro-controllers things changed. I was able to make projects and apply all the concepts I had learnt like electronic devices and circuits and others practically.

Initially this blog was about msp430 but as years are passing I’m coming to know about newer things and so I’ll share my experience with those as well. So instead of restricting this blog to msp430 I will be writing about micro-controllers and electronics in general.

Writing this blog gave me global exposure and I came to know about various new things. Feedback is required in electronics as well as real life. When you make your work available to public you get valuable feedback and comments that help to improve the performance of your projects. As I try to explain things in the simplest way I can think of it may be beneficial for beginners.

If you find the blog informative and useful please subscribe and like my posts. Sharing is a really good practice. If you think that someone may benefit from this blog like your friend or cousin then so share it with them.

Learning is a process that never ends.

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16 thoughts on “About

  1. I love that you are the only man on the internet who has good tutorials about the MSP430. It is so underrated but so wonderful! I bought 10 in hopes of building cool Beer pong tables. Could you possible help me out in flashing a shift register?

  2. Sir i am working with msp-exp430g2 with cc1101, cn u help me with the sample code to transmit a string from one node to other. Both the launchpads are connected to PC via serial port…

  3. Hi Manpreet .. Your codes have given me a great learning insight .. Could you please help me with displaying floating point output achieved via MSP 430 on 16X2 LCD … I am not being able to do the same .. THanx a ton

    • I haven’t really tried to display float values but I’ll think of some logic and let you know when its ready. Meanwhile I have to ask you one question you are using msp430g2 series for floating calculations? It does not have a dedicated hardware for multiplication.

  4. hi manpreet
    very impressed after seeing your blog
    I need your help please do the favor
    Actually I am interfacing LCD(16×2) with lpc2148 microcontroller in 4 bit mode.
    And I am going to measure the freq of Sqaure wave and displaying on LCD
    Using Capture Interrupt I am doing it but the capture register of LPC 2148 is 32bit.How to display that reg value on lcd.can you help me reg this.
    Awaiting for your responce….

    Vishnu Chittan
    Gitam University
    Andhra pradesh.

  5. SIr ,
    I have one project on msp430 and now I want to send this project data through gsm module to my mobile.
    can interfacing msp430 with gsm300/gsm900 is possible?
    If you have any idea about this then please send some link so I can work on my project…Thanks

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