Patient Monitoring Smart Wheelchair

As part of my final year project our team chose the topic as Patient Monitoring Smart Wheelchair. We wanted to make something for the society. As a part of one of my earlier projects Improving Infrastructure for specially challenged citizens in Vashi we had conducted a survey. We found out that the existing infrastructure in Vashi(Navi Mumbai, India) is not at all disabled friendly and same is the situation in majority of India. On top of that the modern assistive technology is too expensive for the common man or aam aadmi.

proportion of diabled population

Above figure shows the percentage of disabled population to total population in India as per 2011 census. In states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh etc. the percentage is very high.

type of disability

Above figure shows the proportion of disabled population by type of disability. We can see that disability in movement accounts for 20.3 % and multiple disability 7.9%. This led us to the idea of making a smart wheelchair.

rural vs urban

This shows that a major chunk of the disabled population lives in rural India. Our market analysis led us to the finding that all the modern electric wheelchairs available in the market have outrageous price tags.

market analysis

So we decided that our wheelchair would be affordable. Then depending on the analysis of disabilities we found out which all modes should be incorporated into this smart wheelchair.

The modes selected are :

  • Voice control mode
  • Gesture control mode
  • Joystick control mode

Patient monitoring was thought of as an added service. Initially the plan was to measure heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure. But due to time constraints we limited to just measuring body temperature and displaying it on a LCD.

Here is a short video of the completed project.

The bill of materials is as follows.


As you can see we achieved the cost reduction. So that is all from my side in this post. Thank you for patiently reading this and reaching till the end. If you people want a post about the technical details I will require at least 10 Word press likes Winking smile. Share with as many as you can. Maybe someone will take this idea to the next level. Thank you once again for reading this post.


P.S: I just felt like sharing this news article with you all.