How to create a new project in CCS5.4

In this post I’m assuming you have already installed code composer studio after downloading it fromĀ The steps involved are covered visually via images. The first step is to open the software by double clicking on its icon. Subsequent steps are shown below.


step3 step4 step5 step6 step7 step8 step9


1) Open code composer studio.

2)Select new->project

3)Select CSS project in the dialogue box that appears

4) Since I am using msp430g2231 I have selected that ic from the list you can choose whichever ic you intend to use. Give the project a suitable na
me. You have to select an empty project with main.c else you’ll have to manually add c file which is not that difficult but I won’t be covering that in this list.

5)Make your project as active project by clicking on it in the project explorer.

6) Expand your current project by clicking on the small plus on the folder. Then double click on the main.c to open the file.

7) Now you are ready to start the c programming in main.c

8) After writing the code you can debug it. If there are no errors then you’ll get an option to run/play the program.